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Commissioned Projects
These are some projects that I have been commissioned to make. As new projects af any type are commissioned, they will be placed here. It is hoped that there will be many projects of various types here.

Sprint Car
This Daniel Gatto designed Sprint Car was produced for Robert Corbin. It is hoped that a trailer and a truck to tow it will be produced as well, as it has been asked for.
Sprint Car
Another view of the Gatto designed Sprint Car for Robert Corbin.
Marine Corp Amphibious Assault
Commissioned Plaque for Greg Scholl. Served in the Marine Corps, Amphibious Assault Group.
Navy Veteran, Korea
This plaque was orderd by Chris Dinkler for his Grandfather, John Schiefelbein.
Army Air Corps, WW II Veteran
This plaque was ordered by Chris Dinkler for his grandfather.
Custom Entertaiment Center
Custom Entertainment Center modeled after the unit presented in the May 2006 issue of American Woodworker. The unit is built from Cherry plywood and solid Cherry stock for the doors. It is finished with 2 coats of Red Chesnut stain and 3 coats of polyurathane rubbed and waxed.
9-11 Commemorative Flag

The frame for this 9-11 Commemorative Flag was built from white oak with half-lap joints. The stars in the corners were made by Fred Muras from reclaimed old white oak. This flag was presented to the Katy Elementary School on behalf of the Shah Family. This family lost their father in the World Trade Center tower collapse. The flag list the names of all those that were killed on 9-11-2001. For the local news articles of the presentation:


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