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Denis Muras
This is Sheryl, my wife since 1998. She has been very supportive of my woodworking ventures.

A short history of D&M Woodcraft
D&M Woodcraft started mainly to market the Bulldozer and Loader-Backhoe plans. I had been doing woodworking as a hobby since 1981. Started by first remodeling the kitchen in my old house and then building some of the furniture for the house as well. After I had built all that the house needed/held, I focused on smaller projects and toys. Most of the toys that I had built were originally given as gifts with a few donated to a charity for auction. I had wanted to build a model of a buldozer and have the tracks move. In the process of developing the track system, I drew the plans as well and decided to market them as well. I continued to build other toys as well. Since my marriage and move, we now live in a rural area and have the space to erect a larger shop building and attempt to become more involved in the Arts and Craft business selling smaller and popular items. I will still accept request for the Dozer and Loader plans or event the model.

Previous Opportunities
Previously involved in the Woodworkers Club of Houston. I had the opportunity to serve as its Vice President and then President of this great club. The club was made up of all types and capabilities of woodworkers. Be sure to visit their web page.

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