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Works from D&M Woodcraft
These pictures are a small sampling of the work produced by Denis Muras of D&M Woodcraft. Inquiries are welcome for any of the pieces.

Front End Loader-Backhoe/Original Design

Norm Marshall Designed Antique Train

HandsOn Train Details

Antique Fire Truck based on a Model T Truck

Train based on plans from Shopsmith's "Hands On" Magazine

HandsOn Train Details

Heavy Duty Mine Dump Truck

Daniel Gatto Designed Dump Truck

HandsOn Train Details

Norm Marshall Designed Locomotive

Norm Marshall Designed Cival War Coach

Norm Marshall Designed Civil War Caboose

Norm Marshall Designed Baggage Car

Norm Marshall Modern Steam Locomotive

Monster Truck

Cedar Closet Bugs

Tissue Cover and Cotton Ball Box

Small Oval Baskets of Aspen and Walnut

Pencil Holders

Oval Baskets with Mahogony Trim

Round Baskets of Poplar and Walnut Trim

Other styles of Scrollsawn Baskets

Norm Marshall Tank Truck

Norm Marshall Truck

Norm Marshall Roadster

Norm Marshall Tank Trailer Rig

Norm Marshall Semi-Truck

Norm Marshall Flat-bed Semi

Norm Marshall Drop-Center with Buldozer


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