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More Project Pictures

A continuation of the pictures of projects produced by D & M Woodcraft.

Daredevil's Delight Biplane

The Daredevil's Delight Biplane from Better Homes and Garden's WOOD Magazine.

Wooden Geared Clock

 This is my copy of the Wooden Geared Clock presented in the Spring 2007 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. This clock was designed by Marc Tovar. The clock keeps good time, plus or minus 5 minutes a day. It runs for approximately 30 hours. The short run time is due to the friction and load on the wooden gears. The gears were hand cut on the scrollsaw, with stack cutting, 4 copies were produced.  

Gatto Plans VW Beetle

Gatto Plans Supply version of the VW Beetle. This model is made from Black Walnut.

Steam Locomotive in Walnut

 This locomotive is from the Hands On magazine once published by Shopsmith. I had made this locomotive before but this one was made for my mother-in-law to give to her great-grandsons. That means I had to make 2 of them. Next year, I plan on making the caboose for her. By the way, one of those great-grandsons in my grandson. He is enjoying it.

Another Gatto VW Beetle

Gatto Plans Supply version of the VW Beetle. This model is made from Mahogany.

Toys and Joys Golf Cart

Toys and Joys model of a golf cart. This model is made from maple and aspen.

Foundation Strategies Squadron

I was asked to build 35 of these biplanes to be used as executives gifts. I layed them out on my office floor and it looked like a squadron was preparing for war.

Jewelry Box

I built this Jewelry Box for my granddaughter, Hailey. This box was givien to her on her 14th Birthday and after she was baptised.

Lloyd's Wood Toys Challenger Model


John Deere Tractor Manufacturing

 I was asked to build 50 of theses tractors. I loosely modeled them after the John Deere Model D tractor. I layed them out like you would see at the manufacturing plant and it looked like a days production run.